Sunday, November 8, 2009

The perks of having a photographer as your neighbor!

I set up a little mini- photo session at my studio for our friends and neighbors that we trick or treated with. It was so fun to get some cute pics of everyone all dressed up!

My precious peacock and muscled up Batman!

Henry the fisherman!

Hannah Faith as Scooby Doo complete with her daddy as Shaggy!

Farmer Jack and a precious little Lilly as Dorthy

Paul Phillip all snuggled up

All our sweet friends from our hood!

Amy snapped this quick shot of me. I didn't take my camera trick or treating since I had the kids by myself. I knew I wouldn't have time to snap away! Jeff was still in the bed with the stomach bug! That night after we got home I got it!


Our Halloween festivities started on Thursday night with trick or treat on Sorority Row. This is a little tradition that we have done since Anderson was born, but I have to say this may have been our last year! It was just wayyy too crowded! We had to wait in huge lines for just a few tiny pieces of candy and unfortunately there were too many older, unsupervised kids jumping in line and just being annoying to really enjoy it. To top it off that night around 2:00am Anderson woke up throwing up. At first we thought maybe he just ate too much candy, but we quickly realized it was a nasty little stomach bug...Jeff had it Friday night, which resulted in me having to take the kids trick or treating on Halloween without him...and then that night I got it. My Dad and step-mother cam and got the kids to help us out. What was their reward you ask? oh yeah- they got it too! It was awful and left us ALL exhausted and feeling just plain bedridden for about 3 days! So I guess these pictures are of the calm before the storm! Ha!
I bought Lydia's Peacock costume online months ago. I saw a little girl in one in a picture last year and immediately searched for it online. I just had it in the back of the mind the whole time I was pregnant waiting to find out the sex of the baby. I just loved it on her and I can't tell you haow many people stopped and gasped at the serious cuteness!

Anderson was determined to be Batman this year! I was not too excited about it. I felt like he'll have years to be a super hero, but he is only this young once...can't we just do a little more of a baby type costume- a dragon, a pony, a giraffe, anything?? He was adamant about it, and I quickly came to the realization that not allowing him to wear what HE wanted would be robbing him of his joy. So I gave in and thoroughly enjoyed watching him "fly" about with his cape and flex his HUGE muscles! A big thanks to my mom who basically took apart his costume and re-made it. The smallest "muscle" batman was a size 4 which completely swallowed my lil guy! She altered it so he could wear it without tripping!

Anderson with all the ladies!

Have you ever seen tailfeathers so cute??

...and then after all of the chaos I got to stay up to make over 30 of these! I am the world's worst at over-scheduling and thinking I can do more than I really have time for. This was yet another time that my "project" eyes were bigger than the time frame I had to complete it. However- they were adorable little treats for the kids preschool classmates.