Sunday, November 8, 2009

The perks of having a photographer as your neighbor!

I set up a little mini- photo session at my studio for our friends and neighbors that we trick or treated with. It was so fun to get some cute pics of everyone all dressed up!

My precious peacock and muscled up Batman!

Henry the fisherman!

Hannah Faith as Scooby Doo complete with her daddy as Shaggy!

Farmer Jack and a precious little Lilly as Dorthy

Paul Phillip all snuggled up

All our sweet friends from our hood!

Amy snapped this quick shot of me. I didn't take my camera trick or treating since I had the kids by myself. I knew I wouldn't have time to snap away! Jeff was still in the bed with the stomach bug! That night after we got home I got it!


susanv said...

Hey Lindsey! I googled your photography website at work today and found your blog. We enjoyed hanging out with you guys this weekend ... we'll catch you again next year hopefully! Have a good rest of the year!