Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 months

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

6 months old

6 month stats:
15 lbs 4 oz (25th % for weight)
24 1/2 inches (10 % for height)

Sweet Baby Girl- You are a whopping 6 months old now!
**Your little personality is growing just as it is depicted in these pictures. You have always been a happy, content, smiley baby, but now your little personality is really starting to come out. In the last month you have LOVED screeching and squealing just to hear your own voice. Your Daddy thinks you will be an outgoing, social butterfly just like Mommy.
**You have been eating, but are pretty shrimpy still. Mommy laughs because you really are a Miss Piggy, but you just don't seem to be putting on the pounds...perhaps you will be thankful for that later on! We have to HIDE bottles from you after you feed because if you can see it you flip out screaming for more. We even have to hide the ones in the sink by laying them down sideways so she can't see them when we happen to walk by. The other day at Wal-mart we went down the bottle aisle and you literally were reaching for the bottles in packages and trying to knock them off the shelves. it was hilarious! We have gotten through Stage 1 Carrots, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Squash. We start fruit tomorrow! Your favorite so far is Sweet Potatoes just like your big brother at this stage in the game.
**You really enjoy watching your brother. You often laugh at him, and he loves you to pieces. The other night you were crying and he came and put about 5 of his stuffed animals in your bed before I realized what he was even doing. I walked in and he was leaning over your crib saying "It's Ok Baby Sister, Don't be scared". I thought I was going to cry! You also love to grab at your Daddy's watch, play on your playmat and watch an occasional Praise Baby or baby video on "ON Demand". You have also gotten much more active in your jumparoo. Your feet almost touch the ground in it now! You also LOVE baths just like your Mommy! You are always mesmerized by our cat, Mable, and our dog, Atticus.
**You are wearing size 2 diapers still and size 3-6 month clothes, but are starting to fit into the 6 month sizes a little better! You actually do squeal and get really happy when I put a bow on your head as if to say..."I feel so pretty!" It really is funny!
**You are finally taking naps in your bed now instead of the swing. You have finally mastered falling asleep in the bed by yourself and rarely cry when we put you down for a nap or bedtime. We learned our lesson with Anderson about rocking a baby to sleep every night! You, like your brother did, love sleeping on your tummy and I have given up on trying to get you to stay on your back. We have started putting on your diaper and then one of Anderson's diapers over it at night to keep you from wetting the bed. You sleep from 7pm-7 or 8am and usually take two naps around 10-12 and 2-4.
**Your hair that was once plentiful and dark has all fallen out. It is growing back now very quickly. In the last week I swear it has just grown like a weed. I can even clip a small bow in it...but it is BLONDE! Really light blonde and your eyes are getting lighter blue everyday. I don't know how, but I think your Daddy and I may have managed to have a blonde haired, blue eyed baby! HA!
We love you so much, and thank God often for such a sweet little blessing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tutu Cute

I have finished one of the projects I was working on...and it is Tutu cute!!

I ironed on a rhinestone applique to a plain pink onesie, made the tutu and tripled-up her add a bow. We think she is just "PERFECT"! Stay tuned for legwarmers...I know...can you stand it??

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Harper is awake!!

I won't tell you how many tears I shed over Harper looking at her mama or gripping her Daddy's hand...have a look see for yourself on Kelly's site. This baby girl is truly a miracle...not just because she beat death, but because she has changed life for so many people. Isn't it crazy how God works all things to his good! Click on the pink Harper button on my sidebar to view Harper's progress! The pics will have you and maybe even your husband teary eyed (not that mine is or siree, he is Mr. Tough guy! Wink Wink!)

Stay tuned for Lydia's 6 month update...coming soon!

Happy Birthday Sally!

Last Saturday we headed over to our friend Sally's house for her first birthday! The theme was ladybugs and our favorite music teacher was there...Mrs. Dawn. Dawn was in my old bible study class and knew me "pre" children. Now she and her sweet Hubby are expecting their own little one! Yay for babies!!

"I have my purse, Mommy...let's go!"

The birthday girl and her Mommy

Mrs. Dawn and her little assistant!

Cake Time!

Smooches from Mommy and Daddy!

Music Time

Mrs. Dawn and Lydia

Last, but not least...Anderson fleeing (quite literally) a shot that Niccole was trying to get of all the kids!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I took this video of Lydia yesterday. It is such a great little snip it of her sweet little personality...always happy! I can't believe my little girl is about to be 6 months old!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All things girl...

Ya'll know how I do love a good project! Check out my supplies and stay tuned for updates on what all I will be creating for Lydia! I am soooo loving having a little girl!! I seem to always get my creative juices flowing after I have a baby. After Anderson I began painting canvases. I had never picked up a paint brush in my life, but sort of taught myself. Now I love doing them for gifts and an occasional paycheck.
And check out these new additions...While feeding Lydia the other morning I realized her eyelashes have really started to grow. I have a feeling this will be very useful where Daddy is concerned... :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

She's goin' to the Chapel...

and she's gonna get married!

My baby sister was whisked away for a weekend trip to New Orleans this weekend and picked up a little souvenir. It's round, sparkly and located on her left hand!! Yay!! Jeff and I love Justin and can't wait for him to become part of the family! They have only dated for about 9 months, but you'll get no judgement from me on that since Jeff and I only knew each other for 6 weeks before getting engaged! HA!! However, they grew up together in Hoover! Justin lived in the old 'hood of Trace Crossings back in the day, but they were just friends. On one of Marcie's visits home from Nashville they re-connected and have been inseparable ever since! I do just love a good love story!!

Jesus loves me...

How many times have I sung this to Anderson and most recently to Lydia? I can't even tell you...I have lost count. Tonight as I sang it to Anderson before bedtime I thought of baby Harper.

"Jesus loves me this I know...For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong...they are weak, but He is STRONG!"
That last line got caught in my throat a little tonight. I have prayed harder than I have in a really long time for this sweet little girl and her family. This morning as I sang in the midst of worship time at our church I thanked God that we have never known a trial such as this. I thank him that through one very difficult pregnancy, a baby that was a month early and another baby that was two weeks early we never were faced with the roller coaster of emotions the Stamps family has gone through in the last 72 hours. In church this morning I really felt a peace come over me that Harper will be Okay and I am believing God for it. Anderson has been praying with me today. I have asked him to join me in prayer so many times that now when I say "Will you fold your hands and pray with me" he says automatically "for that sick baby?".
Despite being told by the NICU nurse that she had a very bad feeling about the prospects of Harper making it through the night, Harper has improved a great deal today. She is still very critical and certainly not out of the woods, but God is showing his faithfulness in little steps like improvement in her blood pressure and not needing the heart lung bypass just yet.
Please continue to pray for Harper. Click on Harper's button on my side bar to see Kelly's blog for updates.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

After having Birthday cupcakes at school one morning...

Anderson: "We had cupcakes. It was mys birfday today mommy!"

Me: "No sweetie, your birthday is in June."

Anderson: "What means June Mommy?" ( I love how he says this. It is the same anytime he has a question about anything. He always says "what means ____?" instead of What does _____mean?)

Me: "June is a month. Like right now the month is January. Your birthday is in the month of June."

Anderson: dumbfounded and a little disappointed... "oh. I thought it was Leo's friend on Little Einsteins"

Me: "Well, actually you are right. Her name is June. June can be two things...a month and a name."

Anderson: "Then can I have two cupcakes?"

Welcome to my world friends...I'm telling you this child is going to wear us out! HA!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please join me...

in prayer for a precious, and so prayed for, wanted and loved baby girl. Kelly's Korner Blog is a blog I have been following for quite a while now. After 5 years of infertility, Kelly finally got pregnant and went in for an induction today at 40.5 weeks. The sweet little girl Harper was 9 lbs 12 oz, but wasn't breathing properly. After just a couple of hours in the NICU the doctors have given a very disheartening report and ordered Harper air lifted to Children's Hospital in Arkansas. She is in VERY critical condition with what seems to possibly be a heart issue. Kelly's husband will be going with Harper and Kelly will be following tomorrow morning after her release from the hospital. I can't imagine what it would be like to know your precious child was being flown to another hospital and that you can't go with her. Jeff and I have just spent some serious time in prayer, and I am asking that you pray for baby Harper, Kelly, her husband Scott as well as their families. Also- please pray for wisdom for the Doctors and nurses.

I am so thankful for a God that finishes a good work that he began...Phil 1:6

Go to her blog for updates... she has had over 30, 000 hits today as people waited for Harper's arrival. I have no doubt that there are now 30,000 people praying for her right now. Please join in!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet Henry...

My friend and neighbor came by today to help me out of a childcare dilemma! I had an appointment and no childcare for Lydia, so Amy popped on over with Henry since it was in the middle of Lydia's nap schedule. After I returned, I convinced them to stay for a little lunch and play date. We had so much fun! The babies were just grabbing at each other and watching each other. It was so adorable!

Our photo shoot sort of spiraled out of control towards the end. Lydia looks like she is a vampire going after Henry's neck!

I can't believe these sweet little ones are about to be 6 months old! Amy and I were due on the same day and have the same last name, we even wore the same dress to my baby shower! I believe Henry and Lydia are just destined to be a couple at some point! They both even sound like they are from the 1930's with their old fashioned names! Ha!
Here they are as how quickly they changed!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Fun Weekend

We started off our weekend with a family outing to my husband's favorite place on earth...Sam's! Friday night we loaded up and bought bulk...diapers, chicken, nutriagrain bars, etc... I love the prices, but really what does one do with laundry detergent that won't even fit into the cabinet because it's a gazillion gallons! Ha!
Oh well, we saved a lot of money and bought lots of chicken and lettuce. That should help with two of our resolutions: better fiscal and physical fitness.

Saturday, I took Anderson to a birthday party of a friend from school. It was a lot of fun for both of us. Ball Pitts, bouncy houses and slides galore! We have been going to tons of birthday parties, but they have really been for my friends children even though Anderson didn't actually know the child all that well. We always have fun, but there was just something really sweet about watching him interact with his actual friends from school at this particular party! It also gave us parents a chance to really talk and meet for more than 5 seconds when picking up and dropping off.

On a side note...We have had a horrible tragedy within the preschool this week. One of the little boys from the four year old class lost his father Tuesday night completely unexpectedly. The father's name was Brad Carpenter and he leaves behind a wife, Karen and two sons (one 4 yrs and one around 7 I think). Brad was only 33 and passed out, was taken to the hospital where he stabilized and was being held I guess for monitoring. He sent his wife home to tuck in the kids and get the babysitter set for the next day and he passed away while she was home. Can you imagine? My heart breaks for this woman. I ask that those of you that can, please remember her and the boys in your prayers. They certainly need a peace that passes all understanding right now. Many of you may remember my friend Beth whose husband passed away at that same age and also quite unexpectedly while she was pregnant with their first child. It feels like deja vu to hear such a similar story of such a young and obviously loved family man. It just shows us how quickly things in this life can change. It made me hug on my family a little harder this week.

Sunday morning, I headed to First Presbyterian to watch as my Aunt was ordained as a deacon. My nephew John was also supposed to serve as acolyte, but bless his heart turned absolutely green right before the service. He was so sick. He ended up having to have my step- sister Erin take him back home. It was nice to see most of my family all on one pew. The service was quite different from what we are used to on Sunday...there was no multi-media or contemporary worship songs. I even sang out of a hymnal for the first time in about 4 years! I have to say I felt like a fish out of water!! But this was a church I have wonderfully close ties to. I attended often as a single gal when I would travel home for visits, and it was in a Sunday school room there where the first mention of a blind date with my now husband occurred! Charlie, the pastor even married us. It was so nice to chat with him briefly this morning. Watching DeLane be ordained and taking part in Communion with my family was a great way to spend the morning!

Laughing uncontrollably on the couch!

Sweet smiles!
I had to put this one on here- it looks like Anderson is throwing a gang sign!

And my all time favorite...check out their faces! Anderson looks disgusted and Lydia looks like she's totally up to something!

Then Auntie M came in to town for a dinner meeting with a friend and decided to come early to see the kiddos. Of course Anderson just lit up when she arrived after his nap. Lydia also gave lots of gummy smiles. It's so nice to have her closer to home sister down and another to go. Jennifer- Tampa is too far away from my babies!! Come home now!! Ummm... I mean no pressure or anything! :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 months old

On Christmas Day little Lydia turned 5 months old! It seems like this time has just flown by! I love fall and all the holidays it brings (and of course football season), but I am ready for things to slow down!

Things she is doing:
-rolling over both ways
-laughing often and always with the sweetest gummy smile
-sleeping from 7pm- 7am and taking 2 naps (10-12 and 2-4) a day...praise God!!
-watching her brothers EVERY move!!
-grasping at and holding on to toys
-finding and playing with her feet and clasping her hands together
-loving praise baby and baby Einstein type movies (we watched our first one today and she was mesmerized!)

She is such a joy and I fall more in love with her each day. Her personality is pretty much the same as it has been; very laid back, very smiley and easygoing. Jeff says she is nearly to his "favorite" baby age of 6-9 months. He loves how babies are a little more stable physically at that point, and so do I. We have also started solids in the last week or so. At her 5 month appt. we hadn't done so because I just wasn't ready for her to stop nursing and I was afraid that when she started solids she wouldn't want to nurse anymore. My pediatrician said that was fine but by her 6 month appt. she would be twisting my arm about solids...since that is only 3 weeks away I decided I better get started! Also Lydia has pretty much weaned herself at this point and it was before we started solids. She just wasn't interested in nursing and became super distracted. This would cause her to lose latch and have to re-latch and before you knew it one feeding was 30 minutes...needless to say that left us both frustrated and Anderson unsupervised at times (Kidding...sort of). So I just decided it was time, actually I guess she kind of decided for me. I miss it, but I am proud of myself for sticking with it for over 5 months and I look forward to new stages and ways to enjoy her. Here are some photos of her first solid feeding. Anderson even got in on the action. He really loves interacting with her now that she is showing some personality.

I am ready for some groceries!

Ok, so far I am liking it...

hmmm...not so yummy...

Mom- don't want to hurt your feelings, but I am about to spit this nasty stuff out!!

Ok, yeah, I am officially not digging this rice cereal stuff!!

Anderson, did they make you eat this yucky stuff??

We have been struggling with schedules and two kids though. Church is the hardest part of our week. Our church doesn't offer an early service yet (hopefully our campus will be getting our own building very soon and will be able to have two services then) Read more about our church here. Church of the Highlands was recently recognized as the fastest growing church in the nation! Anyway, the 11:15 service is right in the middle of Lydia's nap. We have tried to take her anyway, but one time she slept there okay in the nursery and one time she just didn't do very well with it and it kind of made the whole day miserable because she was over-tired. So, those of you with multiple children out do you do it? I am so open to suggestions at this point!! We considered splitting up and having Jeff and I alternate Sundays staying home with her while the other one takes Anderson and attends church, but we'd really like to go together.

Another big deal around here these days is that we have organized pretty much every square inch of our house. We started right after Christmas while Jeff had a little time off and basically attacked one room at a time! Between being pregnant and sick and taking care of a two year old and then having a baby, we feel like we just now have our head above water! With our busy lives I knew we needed to have things more organized in order to keep the clutter to a minimum since we don't have much time to clean up all the time with two small children. It took 3 days to clean out the downstairs. We went through every drawer, every cabinet, craft closet, etc and were brutal in our decisions to throw things away...something especially difficult for my packrat...I mean "sentimental" husband. After that we moved on to the upstairs and playroom which took another couple of days. I can't tell you how nice it is to have everything clean and organized. I am really enjoying my days now instead of thinking in the back of my head about what all needs to be done or organized. Today I cleaned out both kids closets to make consignment piles for their clothes. I have been holding on to Anderson's things for a while because we weren't sure until March if we would need them for another boy. Now that we have a girl and a boy our family is complete, and I know it is ok to let go of some things!

Friday, January 2, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

...and Lydia...