Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of the Year Program for Preschool

Look at my sweet babies! How in this world did they get this big??

Anderson, age 4 and Lydia, age 2
Anderson and Lydia with the wonderful directors of the Pre-school.
Mrs. Mindy and Mrs. Emily
Emily is stepping down this year and it makes me so sad! She is the one that gave us our first tour with Anderson when we were pregnant. It took two years to get him in, but when we did he ended up being in the same class as Emily's son Jack Glyien. Now they are best little buddies and have been on all the tee ball, and soccer teams together. JG will also be attending the private school we are sending the kids too, so I hope they will stay friends for a long time!

Lydia with her wonderful teachers Mrs. Heather and Miss Megan

Anderson with his teachers from the blue room, Miss Eileen and Mrs. Susan.
Our little family!

In life, there are followers of the rules and then the people that really aren't so big on rules. In our house we just so happen to have one of each.... Lydia, while fun and vibrant, is certainly a rule follower. If you have to correct her, she almost immediately will turn her behavior around. Anderson, on the other hand, not so much... Now don't get me wrong, he is a super sweet and often sensitive child....but he will try to negotiate you to DEATH to change your mind on a rule, or reason with you to the point that you start to wonder- "Why was that a rule anyway? Maybe he's right?".

The end of the year program was really a great display in the difference between their personalities. Every year at pre-school graduation the other classes perform a few songs in front of the parents. This has always been a scary prospect where Anderson is concerned. You see, he really does not like music or singing and like most 4 year olds he's not the best at acting like he is enjoying something if he really isn't. In the past he has sat down in the middle of the performance, pulled his short completely over his face and once even tried to torch our church by lighting a piece of hay with a votive candle during an advent service. Bottom line- we never know how he will behave in these situations.

Well this time he did better- maybe age is maturing him a little or maybe Jeff and I threatened him enough to make a real believer out of him! Ha! Ha! He did however get a little carried away with the sticks they use in the performance and accidentally bop the little girl in front of him. I watched it happen and truly know he didn't mean to, but she was not happy!

Here is Lydia walking into the sanctuary. They tell them to put a "bubble" in their mouth and hold it there because when you blow up your cheeks like that it is impossible to talk. Well that was just for when they were in the hallway waiting to come in. Lydia misunderstood and kept her "bubble" in until her sweet teacher, Miss Megan, finally had to tell her it was okay to smile.

Here is Lydia working with her little music sticks trying to stay right on the beat.
And here is Anderson, off to a good start!! He is doing what everyone else is doing! Yay- or so we thought!
...and here we go....he's bored, he's no longer interested and the silly faces are coming out!

...and now we have the incident with the music sticks and this poor little girl in front of him...check out her face.
And this is what he did when he came to sit with us afterwards and I asked to take his photo...silly, silly, silly!

Anderson with sweet Jack Glyien

Lydia with Mary Alice, whose Mommy is a life long friend of mine.

Lydia loving on Miss Heather. She is moving with her husband and children to Virginia and I broke into the UGLY cry at school when I went to say goodbye to her. She was Anderson's first teacher and I am so thankful that Lydia got to have her too before she left. She is a BLESSING to our family and has been so wonderful to my children.
A little Mommy time!

Lydia is officially into the "cheesy grin" when smiling for photos. She literally smile with her whole body!


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