Sunday, September 6, 2009

A bit of news...

and NO- I'm NOT pregnant!

I have, however, just launched my very own new business "Lindsey Smith Photography", so it feels a bit like I have given birth!

Many of you know that for the last year nearly I have been pursuing photography as more than a hobby. After endless workshops, classes, and shadowing some very talented photographers, I am pleased to announce that Lindsey Smith Photography is now up and running complete with a website and a facebook fan page. I love my "new" job, especially the flexibility it gives me to stay home with Anderson and Lydia.

Please check out the website and become a "fan" on facebook, but more importantly, please forward the sites along to anyone you might know that would need my services. I am available to travel, especially to Birmingham. I'm specializing in children and families, but once you view the website galleries, you will notice I have done a couple of very small weddings along with some engagements and bridal sessions.

Also- if I have photographed you or your children recently they are most likely on the website, so keep an eye out for their images!!

LSP Website:

LSP Facebook Page:

LSP Blog:

A very hearty thank you to those of you that encouraged me and allowed me to "practice" on your children. An even bigger thanks to my husband who has been beyond supportive of me while I have pursued this dream. I love him so much and am incredibly lucky to have him in my life!