Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mamma's Don't let your babies grow up to be

Ladybug Farms came to Anderson's preschool earlier this week, and what a fun time we had!! He loves any kind of animal, but I wasn't sure he would actually ride the horse! He got on with no problem, but after the first turn got a little scared and decided he wanted off! I did my best not to push him and we went to feed the lamb and the goats for a while. A few minutes later he said "Mommy- I'm ready to do it again. I'm BRAVE!" So we headed back over and he got on and rode two full circles! He grinned and laughed much more the second time and even gave me a hearty Yee-Haw!

Then he decided that the lady needed some help. He is fascinated with ropes! Seriously- I can't tell you the last time my robe tie was actually attached to my robe. He calls them "tie ropes" and uses them as lassos all around the house. So after he warmed up to the horse he took to slinging the rope like a lasso! He loved it.

The sweet lady that worked on the farm said he could be her special helper and help lead with the rope as the other children rode. He was beaming! So around, around and around again we went while holding his "tie-rope"

I also put in this pic b/c it is so sweet and funny to me. I asked Anderson and his little friend Jack Glein to get together for a pic and they automatically got all hugged up like a couple of girls getting their "Zap" taken at a sorority swap! Ha!
At the end he got one more ride and a handshake for being such a good helper! Now I just have to convince him that he can't be a cowboy for Halloween since we have already purchased another outfit!!


Melissa Echols said...

too cute! I love the pictures! Anderson is so stinking cute!