Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

I was asked by the Junior League to donate my services this year for the photography for the "Breakfast with Santa" fundraiser. I've been in the League for several years now, so I was glad to do it and really had a great time getting to photograph so many friend's little ones! Just about every other shot I took that day involved a screaming child- some of them are just priceless shots...including this one-

Perhaps I am biased, but has there ever been a funnier Santa picture taken? I think not! The look on Anderson's face says "I am only doing this because they are making me!" The look on Lydia's face says "Why have you dropped me in the lap of the Exorcist?" I think I laughed for a solid 20 minutes afterwards!!

Jeff and I had to get into the shot to get one where Lydia didn't scream her head off!

Anderson with a couple of his best buds- John William and Hartley

Hartley and Libba- poor baby girl!

Davis and Piper
Kennedy and John William