Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Bash!

With Anderson and Lydia's birthday being less than a month apart I decided to try to combine their party this year. It was a tough decision because it really limited me on tea party party for Lydia or super-hero party for Anderson. It had to be unisex. After a few weeks of mulling it over I decided that a carnival theme would be a great way to compromise!

I love the way all of the little details turned out, and most importantly the kids had a BLAST! We had lots of carnival themed fare to munch on and a face painter. Jeff was in charge of the inflatables and went a little overboard by renting a 28 foot slide. Seriously.....28 feet! But the children stayed in a constant line to go on it all morning long! Even our little dare-devil Lydia was going down by herself by the end of the party!

Ready to blow out our candles!!

Our fabulous cake came from Sarah at "It takes the Cake". She is so talented! I also ordered these cutie cupcake wrappers online to match our carnival theme and we created these yummy "popcorn" cupcakes! They were a hit!

I do love a good party favor!

I decided to do carnival themed candy as centerpieces for all of the tables.

We were so blessed by all of the friends and family that came out to celebrate our big day!

And last, but certainly not favorite image of the day...Auntie M going down the slide with my precious babies. Looks like fun to me!!


Justin and Marcie said...

That was my favorite image of the day too :) LOVE THEM!

Joy said...

I just happened to click on your blog today were back. So glad. I enjoy reading about your sweet kids. I did know that they had a party because I click on your sister's blog every now and then (I love to read about her traveling adventures). Looks like a great party.

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