Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to school!!

The Fall semester started on Thursday at our preschool. The kids have been out for almost two weeks between summer and fall, so they were starting to get bored at home!

Anderson is in PK-1 with Miss Eileen and Mrs. Susan and Lydia is headed to the red room with Mrs. Heather and Miss Megan. I do not tell a lie when I say how grateful we are for our wonderful school! The children LOVE it. It is always clean and bright and filled with adults who really enjoy their job. I have no doubt that we will have an excellent year!

This is a big year for Anderson since his class will really be starting to focus on school readiness. He will have homework and more responsibility in the classroom! He thrives off of structure though, so I think he will love the new challenge. When I told him we had a project to complete for Open House he was so excited! Basically we had to color in a sheet that looked like him and fill out a questionnaire about hi likes, dislikes, etc... They are hanging them on the wall this week. He colored his clothes without too much passion, but when we got to the shoes he stopped and dramatically gasped- "Mom! I have to have cool shoes! They have to be Sketchers!!" I nearly died laughing...who says advertising isn't powerful- even for a four year old!

Here he is signing in for the day. Everyday they come in to a question like "Are you wearing green today?" and then have to find their name magnet and put it under the answer.

Here is Lydia attempting to sign in on her first day! She is in a great classroom with the beloved Mrs. Heather who was Anderson's first teacher at that school. I can't wait to watch Lydia do all of the fun activities that Anderson got to do in that class just two short years ago. Heather told Jeff that Lydia sat in her lap and brushed her (Heather's) hair with a baby doll hairbrush and told her she was "pity" aka... "pretty". That's my sweet girly girl!


Justin and Marcie said...

For some reason, it makes me sad to see them growing up so much. And I'm only their aunt...I can't imagine how you feel!!!