Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Cousin Christmas Party

Last weekend Jeff and I hosted our family's annual "Cousin" Christmas Party. When I was growing up our family was small enough to fit it all in on Christmas Eve. Our Cousins from Gordo would come to my grandparents house in Moundville for dinner and a good long visit. Then when they left my immediate family would stay there and open our gifts and they would all return to Gordo and open their gifts! I can't tell you how many schemes Torrey, Quinn and I hatched in order to speed up this little visit so we could get to our respective gift opening! We had tantrums, faked illness, you name it!

One year when I was only about 6 I was pitching a fit because I wanted to open presents right then and there! Of Course we hadn't even eaten yet and my grandmother told me I better straighten up because Santa was watching. I turned around (to leave the room in a huff) and guess who was standing in the doorway...Santa himself. My grandmother said I went pale with embarrassment. She loves to tell that story even though I am now in my thirties! HA!! is the family breakdown...My grandmother and Aunt Jean are sisters. My grandmother had two kids, my father and DeLane, they had 5 kids all together me, Jennifer, Marcie and then John and Walt. And of course I now have Anderson. That's 4 generations. Jean had one daughter, Emily. She and her husband Fred had two kids, Torrey and Quinn. Torrey has two kids, Tyler and Morgan. Quinn now has two kids, Avery and there you go! The Rogers/Bailey/Smith/Sullivan/Johnson/Williams family tree! Ha!!