Monday, December 17, 2007

A Very Good Thing...

Chalk this next story up to about the one millionth reason that I love my husband. Jeff's firm decided to forgo a big Christmas soiree this year in favor of donating the funds that would have taken (facility, bar, catering, etc..) to a party for some local Head Start children. Head Start basically helps prepare underprivileged pre-k children for school. The firm secured a local community center to have a big party for the kids and their families. The whole firm helped with the project from the partners all the way to the secretaries. They served dinner and had an ornament station for a craft for the night. They even had Santa Claus...guess who volunteered for that job?? You guessed it! My sweet Jeff! I can't count how many kids sat on his lap that night. He must have been exhausted and very HOT by the end of the evening, but he did it all with a smile. His heart for children...ALL children, never ceases to amaze me. I guess that's why he is such a good daddy to Anderson!!