Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome Christmas Card Newbies!

Since we put our blog address on our Christmas Card this year, some of you are visiting our blog for the first time!!! This all started as an experiment that I was pretty sure wouldn't in the world do you have time to keep up with this and a VERY active 18 month old! Then I changed my mind. When I was about to scrap the whole thing I learned just how many people (family to be exact) were enjoying reading our blog! With Jeff's family and both of my sisters living out of state it was pretty much the best way to keep everyone updated on Anderson's latest activities, and a heck of a lot easier and cuter than sending out 5 or 6 emails. As an added bonus we figured out how to get it in a format for saving, so we can print it out like a journal that we can save and show Anderson when he gets older. For those two reasons I consider it worth keeping up with...and I think my sisters would probably kill me if I discontinued it and they couldn't get their "Anderson Fix"!

So how does it work....Pretty simple actually. I try to update the blog weekly (sometimes more often if we have lots of fun stuff we want to share). You can save it as a favorite and check it every once in a while. Then you can read the latest post and scroll down for any that you might have missed since your last visit. Along the right side you will also notice a list of other blogs from friends and other notable websites. Once you are on their page you can click on their friends and so on.... It gets to be a pretty small world!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


Mizerany Family said...

I'm so jealous you remembered to put your address on the xmas cards, we thought of it as we were stuffing the envelopes. However, I won't forget when we send out our change of address cards! Merry Christmas!!