Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

Anderson has long been totally obsessed with animals. They are his favorite thing to see, talk about, read about, name it. If it has anything to do with animals, he will be a happy boy! However, this has backfired a little bit lately. His growing imagination is running in wild animals. He is constantly telling whoever will listen that there are bears in our backyard and the occasional pig in the woods just beyond our fence. We keep trying to tell him that there aren't any animals, but he insists rather adamantly that there most certainly are! He has seen a number of stuffed big game animals like bears at our children's museum and at a couple of elaborate sporting goods stores. Lately at bedtime or nap time he will start saying a little mantra when I tuck him in that literally breaks my heart. He says over and over..."there aren't any animals" with his hands in the air like what happened to them?? He then says "they aren't real"... "Atticus scares away the bears mommy?" My little boy is starting to become self-aware enough to be afraid! Last night in the living room he asked me if the big bad wolf is really bad. Who in the world is reading that scary story to my baby?? I guess he heard it at school! I think we are going to avoid books with animals for a little while until he stops imagining they are in our yard! :-)

Oh and another random tidbit. This morning for snack I gave him a blueberry nutragrain bar and he ate a big bite and then gave a huge smile and said "MMMM, mommy...Delicious!" does he know the word delicious! HA!