Monday, August 4, 2008

Lydia's first bath

This post is a bit late, but we have been a little busy! ;-) We gave Lydia her first real bath and Anderson helped. It was a lot of fun. He washed her feet and helped dry her off.

So far he is loving "baby sister". He asks to see her every morning and always wants to know where she is whether in the bassinet by our bed or the pack -n- play downstairs. A few days ago when we had to strip her down and put her in indirect sunlight for her jaundice he kept walking by and putting a blanket on her. How sweet is that? I just sort of quietly went behind him and took it off. Finally, he caught me doing it and said "NO! Mommy! Baby Sister is COLD!" He is already protective of her! Check out this pic below of Anderson kissing on is my favorite so far!


Josh & Cassie Viets said...

Lydia is beautiful! I was just checking in to see if she'd arrived yet...and she's already a week old! Glad to hear things went okay and that she's healthy and happy. Anderson seems to be such a proud big brother :)

The Banta's said...

Congrats to you all! I tried leaving a comment earlier, but it did not come through! I have been checking regularily to see when she would arrive and I am glad to see she is healthy and happy! Lydia is beautiful and Anderson is such the doting big brother! Adorable....I hope we are that blessed!