Monday, June 1, 2009

My 33rd Birthday!

As I get older I keep thinking that Birthdays are going to be more of a bad thing than a good thing, but not this year! On Friday I turned 33, and had one of the best birthdays to date!
Jeff started my day off with breakfast in bed- an omelet, toast and some very yummy fresh strawberries. Then I had a glorious morning massage and pedicure at a local spa while a sitter stayed home with the babies. Afterwards I did a little shopping for some running shoes and treated myself to lunch at Panera...alone. It was great! No ones food to cut up or noses to that's my kind of lunch! Ha!
That night we went to dinner with a handful of sweet friends to celebrate. Jeff told me about it because a surprise is almost impossible logistically with two small children, but it was a very sweet thought! We headed to Chuck's Fish downtown. Jeff had some appetizers waiting on us and everything was so scrumptious! He even had flowers delivered and waiting on me at the table!

Stacie, me and Ashley

Stacie, me, Ashley and Greg (who somehow thought he was going to get out of a picture!)

Our friends and neighbors the Parkers

Matthew and Kelly Clark. Kelly was responsible for the cake, which was adorable and yummy!

When we got to the table Jeff had already arranged these to be delivered to the table! Isn't that so sweet? These are the same flowers used throughout our wedding and reception. Such a thoughtful husband!


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