Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach Part 2!

We had a great 2 Br condo on Market Street, which was needed for all the stuff we had to pack to get two kids to the beach!! Ha! It was a lot of trouble to pack up and get down there with two wee ones, but once we got there and got set-up it was really not too bad. Here are a few pics of our room and views of Baytowne and the pool.

Of course we spent lots of time in the pool! It was really Lydia's first time in a pool or at the beach. She LOVED the water! Anderson, who was our little fish last summer, became very shy near the water this trip. He just wanted to sit on the steps and as he said "think about it". He would hardly even get in with us for the first day or so. Since then we have been back to swim lessons and he is back to being our little fishy...I guess he just forgot about how much fun it is to get in the water!

We also were steps away form this huge playground. We spent most of our mornings here. It just so happened to be located right next to the ice cream parlor...yum!!


Leigh Collins said...

We must have passed each other a dozen times this past week! We have been at the beach too and made several trips over to Baytown at night to play and enjoy and the weather! Were you guys there to watch Kung Fu Panda on the lawn? We were and it was packed!