Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anderson's 3rd Birthday

Here are some photos for the party! Sorry for the overload!! Anderson had so much fun at his party this year! We talked about it for a week or two leading up to the big day and he told anyone who would listen all about his Pirate Party! He had a blast that day. It is so fun to know you have made your child so completely happy! We don't want to spoil him, but on this day we decided he deserved the best little party a boy could ask for. I think we succeeded. He was super pumped and had a fabulous time!

So much to be thankful for!!

My Birthday Boy!

The Cake!!!
The over the top Pirate Ship Bouncy house/slide that Jeff arranged for. When he told me how much it cost I nearly fainted. It was a little more than I planned to budget for a three year old's birthday party! Of course he thinks nothing is too over the top for Anderson! Ha! I told him I didn't want to hear another word about any clothes or shoes I buy from now on!!

The goody treats...

Lydia wants an eye patch!

John and James Walker

Pop trying to contain Lydia

Doesn't Will look all thugged out! HA!

Hannah Faith chowing down!

Thomas Elliott and Cooper enjoying some cake!

Anna Kate Clark with Anderson

Cooper and Anderson "huggin' it out"
Lydia trying to take off at the party!

Playing with Cousin John...

Opening Presents at home later that afternoon...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he had a nice birthday! I like the theme, cake, and definitely the bouncy house! Looks like he had fun! You did an awesome job! I still cannot get over the cake. 