Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lydia's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lydia's first birthday this past Sunday with a small party at our home. We had it a weekend early because my sister is actually getting married on Lydia's real birthday, which is this Saturday the 25th. We went with a summer, girly theme: Pink and green with lots of flamingos! I bought her dress when she was about 5 months old and planned the whole party based on it. I worked really hard to make it special for her, sometimes much to the frustration of my husband- who thinks I tend to go "overboard" with planning events. Who me?? ;-)

Her cakes were so cute!!
I made these from Pinatas!

As you regular blog followers know I take a pic of Lydia on her "month" day in the same chair with the same stuffed elephant. I displayed the photos for everyone to see how much she has changed and grown in this magical first year!

These pics are from the foyer, where I put several black and whites that were taken just seconds before and after her birth. I love the way it turned out.

We even hung photos of her from the chandelier! Ya'll know I LOVE some pictures!
I made this canvas for the front door.

My dear friend Mrs. Dawn, who is the music therapist at the Rise School came to do music class just like she did for Anderson's First Birthday.

Love this photo!
Itsy bitsy Spider...

Shaking her maraca!

Playing with scarves!

Strummin' Mrs. Dawn's guitar!

Jeff made a gorgeous slide show with photos from her first year. It was a tear jerker...set to Jimmy Buffett's "Little Miss Magic" if you have a little girl- you need to hear this song!

We were blessed with glorious weather! It was mid-July and 85 degrees with very little humidity! Can you believe that?? Everyone stayed outside for this most part!
Anderson with Cousin Avery

My mom with Lydia

My Grandmother and Aunt

Jeff's parents made the trip from Tennessee! It was great to see them even if it was a quick trip!
Everyone on the deck enjoying the weather!

Pop (Jeff's Dad) with Lydia
Anderson and my best friend's little girl, Lily Kate

My cousin Quinn with her youngest little one!

Lydia with Henry. They are just 5 days apart and live three doors down from us...the best part is- if she should marry him she wouldn't have to change her last name! He's a Smith too!

Getting ready for her smash cake! And not too sure about that hat! BTW- it came from They have the cutest custom bday hats!

Sugar, hmm- this stuff is pretty good!

Later that night we opened her gifts!

This little purse was a HIT! She loves the zipper and ptting things in only to take them right back out again!

My Aunt gave her a big "first". Here she is opening her first pair of pearl earrings...for a few ears down the road (or when she turns 25 if you ask Jeff!)
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love you more than you can possibly know!


Allyson said...

Found your blog from Kellie Patton's. I LOVE this party theme and all your decorations! So girly, you did a great job! My daughter would go crazy if she saw this. The dress Lydia wore reminds me of the one we planned Lauren's 3rd birthday around! I laughed when I read you did the same!

Your kids are adorable!

Leigh Collins said...

Wow, I can't believe Lydia is 1! And, I have to agree with Jeff, you definitely go overboard, but it is so cute!!! I am envious of all mom's who can put together such unique and fabulous parties - I am not one of those!

Our Journey said...

Awwww! She is adorable! Precious, just precious! You should open a party planning business bc you did an excellent job!!! I like everything! Especially the pics on the chandelier-cute! You have to give me the name of your bakery for the cake! :-)

Team Carroll said...

Oh my word...too cute!!! First of all, so glad you found our crazy little blog :) I'm excited I have a new one to read now!! Your sweet little family...PRECIOUS. This party...UH-mazing!!! LOVE IT!!! And seriously, you can never go too overboard planning an event ;) Everything was adorable & I LOVE the flamingos! SO cute!! The picture of you and your sweet babies is to.die.for sweet!!
Thanks for coming out of the closet :) I can't wait to read more about your family, too!!

Josh and Cassie Viets said...

Wow - what a party! Happy Birthday Lydia!