Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homecoming at The Capstone

Last Saturday was Homecoming for our beloved University of Alabama! We continued what has become a bit of a tradition by taking the kids out to the campus (this is the only time we take them out with us and don't get a babysitter or leave them with a grandparent) and skipping the game so we can play with them and enjoy our time on the quad. We had a great time, but it was freezing!! Plus- after chasing these two all day we were more than happy to watch the game from our bed that night!!

We started off our morning at the Hamner Real Estate Parade Party to hang out with friends and watch the parade.

Lydia was a hit with her cutie houndstooth pants and precious red swing coat! I looked down several times and thanked God for giving me a girl to dress up so cute and frilly!
Meanwhile, Anderson found a tree and several boys to climb with and spent the bulk of the morning happily being a B-O-Y!

We were able to meet up with my best friend Ashley and her husband Greg. Lily Kate and Will got to visit for a brief second before we headed to the Quad.

Check out the adorable cookie! You know around here we have a thing about The Bear's houndstooth hat- well Saban wears a Straw Hat to all the practices with a red band and an Alabama script "A". So people have started wearing the straw hats now and apparently, making cookies to match!
Then we trucked it over to the Quad to our tailgating spot. By now the weather had really surprised us all. It was FREEZING. The high was supposed to be 56, but I can assure you it never got to 56 that afternoon!
the girls snuggling with our girls
(L to R) Jamey, Kennedy, Nikki, Libba, Lydia, and me
How sweet is Libba snuggling on Lydia??
We also ran into Ms. Bethany

Check out all of the fun activities for the kiddos on the Quad

Anderson never met a slide he didn't like!!
Lydia finally crashed and decided to go to sleep. I'm a bit of a nap nazi, we really try to stick to a schedule for the kids--but it was a special occasion and I figured when she gets tired enough she'll lay down in the stroller and go to sleep. It probably also helped that I bought her a blanket from a vendor on the quad so she could get nice and warm.

After about an hours or so she woke up and we decided it was time to head home and thaw out! So we rode the shuttle to our lot (Anderson LOVED riding the big Alabama bus) back to our car!