Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mimi!

We had my grandparents, Dad, my step mom Martha, and my stepsister Erin and her family over last Saturday night for a little birthday celebration for Martha! In true dysfunctional style- we celebrated Martha's 43rd birthday- yes you read that correctly- she is quite a bit younger than my Dad and happens to be the SAME age as my husband who is quite a bit older than me! Ha!! We have a running joke about Martha who is 43 and a grandmother and Jeff who is 43 and has an 18 month old! It reminds me of that new ABC show Modern Family. If you aren't watching it- you NEED to be. We laugh to the point of tears every time we sit down to watch it!!

Pop and Mimi with all their Grands...
The birthday girl!
Martha and her daughter Erin
Of course my children enjoyed some cake- and as a side note- Thank you Auntie M for teaching Anderson how to cross his eyes on his last visit to Birmingham! Just remember one day you too will have a child payback is just around the corner!

Happy Birthday Mimi- Thanks for all you do to help us out!


Lauren said...

Ha ha ha, love it! Cute post Lindsey.. Anderson and Lydia are growing like weeds!

RalphMariedeLargo said...

Such a beautiful family photograph... you are in my prayers. sincerely, rm'l