Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Sunday morning was Valentine's Day and with so much craziness and sickness going on - I hate to say I feel like I dropped the ball a little. I did get the kids two small gifts each, but that was it. I usually like to make heart shaped pancakes and make a card, but it has been a rough stretch lately. I still think Anderson enjoyed his Spiderman coloring book...Spiderman and Batman are his newest obsession. It's all we see, talk about, hear about and watch around here these days. I absolutely love having a boy! He is so cute walking around pretending to "save" me and Lydia! I also got him a set of Walkie talkies, which he LOVED! He has been having trouble coordinating when to push the button and when to let go and when to talk, but I think he finally "got it" yesterday!

Lydia got a sweet little play tutu and a new princess crown. She loves anything girly and frilly, so she really enjoyed her gifts and spent most of the morning twirling! Ha!

We went to church and when I picked her up from the nursery she had a fever. She had been fighting a cough for a couple of days, but never ran a fever, so I didn't worry too much about it. Well when we got home and put her down for her nap, I thought I heard a tiny rattle in her chest. Sure enough when she woke up her fever was even higher, even with a dose of Motrin. Jeff decided to take her to MedCenter, and I stayed home with Anderson. By the time they got to Medcenter and got checked in, her fever was 105.3. Four hours later they had ordered a complete CBC which resulted in 4 nurses and 7 sticks trying to get enough blood for a blood culture, Three swabs-one for strep and two for the flu- They also suspected Pneumonia and ordered a chest x-ray. She was stuck, poked and prodded to the point of tears and complete exhaustion! Jeff- who used to be a combat medic in the Army said watching his baby girl go through all of that was one of the hardest nights of his life. The final diagnosis was Pneumonia in her left lung. We started Antibiotics and she is feeling much better with everyday that passes! Maybe next Valentine's Day will be a little more fun!

Happy Birthday Mimi!

We had my grandparents, Dad, my step mom Martha, and my stepsister Erin and her family over last Saturday night for a little birthday celebration for Martha! In true dysfunctional style- we celebrated Martha's 43rd birthday- yes you read that correctly- she is quite a bit younger than my Dad and happens to be the SAME age as my husband who is quite a bit older than me! Ha!! We have a running joke about Martha who is 43 and a grandmother and Jeff who is 43 and has an 18 month old! It reminds me of that new ABC show Modern Family. If you aren't watching it- you NEED to be. We laugh to the point of tears every time we sit down to watch it!!

Pop and Mimi with all their Grands...
The birthday girl!
Martha and her daughter Erin
Of course my children enjoyed some cake- and as a side note- Thank you Auntie M for teaching Anderson how to cross his eyes on his last visit to Birmingham! Just remember one day you too will have a child payback is just around the corner!

Happy Birthday Mimi- Thanks for all you do to help us out!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well Tuscaloosa shut down the town for a whopping 2-3 inches of snow today. All of the schools closed including the kids pre-schools and forgive me while I have a pity party here- but this Momma is T.I.R.E.D! Between fever viruses, stomach bugs, colds, sinus infections and a 22 day stretch in January where someone in this house had a a 102 degree fever or higher every day- a consistent school schedule has not been in the cards! For the entire month of January the kids only actually attended school on the same day two times for THE. ENTIRE. MONTH!

My photography business, which I thought would be dead for at least a couple of months before Spring portrait season rolled around has inexplicably taken off. I am busier than ever and it is the dead of winter! I am not complaining, but it has been a little challenging without consistent childcare!

Throw in a hours and hours of Mardi Gras Skit practices and a husband who is desperately working late as much as possible to try to catch up on work he missed when we were all sick and you have me- nestled firmly at the end of my rope! HA! I need a trip to somewhere warm- Key West perhaps? So without further delay- enjoy the pictures from my slightly bitterly embraced snow day!

The kids loved watching the snow fall in the trees of our backyard.
Then we decided to venture out! Luckily I just purchased Lydia's Hello Kitty rain/snow boots this week at Target!

Anderson was anticipating snow so deep that he would need a walking stick! HA!

A view of our backyard complete with a tiny little pansy hanging on for dear life! It reminds me of me and my mental state! Ha!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Love Day!!