Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Swim Kids

We decided to go ahead and enroll Anderson in Swim Kids this summer. I almost didn't because the guy said that basically they don't learn to "swim" until age 3, but that it was good to do some classes earlier so that they don't develop a fear of the water. My initial though was...Anderson LOVES water. Is this going to be a waste of time and money? However, I decided it was worth it even if for only the lessons on putting their heads under the water. Jeff agreed to take him if I could schedule it for an afternoon after work. They have had two classes together now and it is so fun to sit and watch.

They do a lot more than I originally thought. They sing songs and "blow bubbles" to prepare them for going under. The instructors are creative and use toys and hoops to make it all seem like fun! The first time he put his head under he talked about it for a solid week. His little dialect is so sweet! He'll say...."Mommy...I putted my head unda da wata" and he would blink because he is concentrating so hard on all of the words to make sure we understood him. He was so proud of himself

How cute is this little duckie?!


Mizerany Family said...

Your swim class looks like fun! I am sure Anderson will appreciate the fun in the water, as Jeff will enjoy thoe opportunity to spend more time with him.