Saturday, November 8, 2008

Divide and Conquer...

If you have been reading this blog long then you know Anderson is obsessed with "amals"...specifically zoo animals. Bless his heart, almost every morning he says "Today we go see the amals, Mommy...right?" Lately he has been saying it with his eyes cut to the side with the follow up comment..."That's a good idea, right mommy?" It is truly hilarious to watch his persuasive skills at work!
So Thursday morning I woke up and decided very last know what kiddo- yes- today is the day we ARE going to see the "anmals". Jeff happened to have an appointment free day and asked...yes, this is where I try not to sound like I'm bragging about my take Lydia with him to work so they could have a little time together. So he loaded up all of her stuff in the "daddy" diaper bag he had ordered and personalized for her before she was born and whisked her off to work. I thought it was so cute that Jeff wanted his own diaper bag for her. It showed me that he was planning on lots of daughter- daddy time or else he could count on me being there with my bag. He also has this dream that Lydia will not be a "bow- head" as he calls them, but will be athletic and possible play soccer...hence the pink Nike bag.Anderson and I grabbed our stuff and headed to "bur-min-ham". We spent about three hours touring the different exhibits, riding the choo choo train and grabbing a chick-fil-a lunch before heading home. It was so fun to have my total attention on him. I think we all needed exactly what we got that day...a daddy/daughter date and some alone time with Mommy for Anderson. I made my Facebook "status" for the day to read "Lindsey is...taking Anderson to the Zoo because it's Thursday and I can...I Love My Job!". I mean every bit of it. I am so thankful for being able to stay home. I love that I am here and emotionally focused and present at this fleeting time in their lives. What a blessing to have this option!

And on a side note...while Anderson was in heaven visiting his beloved animals his mommy was soaking up what had to have been one of the most beautiful fall days in recent memory. The colors were so beautiful that I just had to snap some pics...Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love it!!


Mizerany Family said...

Next time you visit the zoo, call us...Bennett loves to go there too!