Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving on the Rogers side...

We had a very yummy Thanksgiving Dinner with my Dad's side of the family Thursday night. My Aunt Delane and her husband hosted this year. She has two boys and along with boys come their reptiles and such. They have a hamster, a few turtles and one big freaky lizard. Needless to say Anderson was in heaven! His MiMi and DeLane even took him down to the pond on their golfcart to feed the ducks! Meanwhile we all managed to stuff ourselves silly! Of course everyone loved on Lydia. This was her first major holiday, and between all the attention from her Pop and Mimi (My dad and step mom) and her great- great grandparents I think she really enjoyed it!!

So enjoy the pics...and check out this first one. That my friends is baked brie with cherries, pecans and honey...AND I DID IT MYSELF!! DOesn't it just look divine??


Mizerany Family said...

Sweet angel Lydia has a bow/ headband for every outfit doesn't she?