Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homecoming at the Capstone

Let me start this post by telling you that our beloved team is now ranked #1 in the nation!! Wow!! I am starting to research possible travel arrangements to Miami! Woo Hoo!!
This was possibly my favorite moment this weekend! We ran into the Crimson Cabaret Dance team before the game. Since Auntie M (my sister) used to be on that dance team we asked if they would make a picture with Anderson. He LIT up...I kid you not the boy was totally in love. He even kissed the blonde on the cheek (without asking or being told to...he just thought it was a good idea!). What was even funnier was that he sort of lingered there on her cheek...see the second pic. It was hysterical. He has talked about the "sparkly girls with bellys" several times today! HA!!

We have apparently made an annual tradition of taking Anderson (and now Lydia as well) to campus for Homecoming. We skip the game and spend our day on the quad hopping from tailgate spot to tailgate spot. This year we were a little concerned seeing that we now have two little ones to keep up with, but luckily Lydia stays put...for now at least! :-)

We took out the land yacht (double stroller) parked downtown and walked in to campus stopping to see friends along the way. Both kids were well behaved and other than just being tired from all of the walking we returned home all in one piece!! We even enjoyed the Elephant Stomp where we got to see Coach Saban and the players. Lydia even took a long nap in the Baby Bijorn.


Joy said...

Sweet Roll Tide babies. We had Lawson there Saturday also.
Lawson's MeMe