Tuesday, May 5, 2009

9 Months

On your 9 month "birthday" we went to the Doctor
Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz (75th %)
Height: 27 inches (25th %)
*Perhaps those percentiles are the reason for your chunky monkey legs!!
***At 9 months old you are a sheer delight! Your happy little personality is still very much in tact! You smile ALL the time. We often are told you are the happiest baby someone has ever seen.
***You are very mobile. You still won't get up on your knees to crawl, but can do a mean imitation of the army crawl. It gets you where you want to go and I honestly don't see you crawling the "traditional" way. You haven't really expressed an interest in pulling up, although you have done it a couple of times. You are too busy going, going, going, to slow down long enough to grab something to pull up on.
*** You have finally gotten a little easier to put down for naps and bed. You did wonderfully with this for so long, but then about two months ago you started realizing that you were missing something. You wanted to stay up and play, so you fought us hard at bedtimes. Thank goodness that seems to have almost disappeared now.
***You still won't really take a passy, but you love to grip one tightly and hold on to the handle for an occasional gnawing! You love your Raz. It's been awesome for teething! Speaking of which- you still only have the bottom two. Your brother had 4 or 5 by now!
***You are cutting back on bottles and really increasing solid foods in your diet now. You love all food. You don't seem to have any dislikes. You love yogurt melts, and are now enjoying real cheerios instead of just Gerber puffs.
***You LOVE music and can clap to the beat. You love to roll on one side prop yourself up on an elbow and pat your leg. It is hilarious!!
***You have said- "dada", "mama", "bruder" (brother), "ball" and "Rrrrr tiiii" (Roll Tide)...and no I am not kidding about that last one! Your Daddy taught you to say it last week and it is your new fave thing to say!!
***You continue to love watching Anderson and laugh, shriek, and squeal at him all the time.
***You still suck your thumb. It is incredibly sweet! You are totally a self- soother. I love it!!
***Your skin is WAY more olive than Anderson's. We got you out last Sat. and even with 50 SPF sunblock you tanned a bit! It was so cute! Your hair is a golden blond color. It looks like it is almost highlighted. You have your aunt Jenn's slate gray colored eyes. The are beautiful and very unique.
Your basic schedule is something like this-
7:00 am- up and at em! Although if we aren't awake quite yet you don't scream to be picked up out of your crib. You are content to just babble and sometimes if we are super lucky, you even go back to sleep for about 30 minutes or so.
7:30- 7 oz bottle
8:00- 9:15- most weekdays we walk with our neighbor Amy and her little one- Henry. He and Lydia are 5 days apart. Both babies love being outside and around each other. It gives Amy and I some girl chatting time and exercise- PLUS t gets us out of the house for a little while. A must for stay-at-home Moms. :-)
9:30- 1 stage 3 baby food
10:00- 11:45/12:00- Morning Nap
12:00 7 oz bottle
12:15- 1:00- Go get your brother from school and return home.
1:45- 1 stage 3 baby food
2:00- 3:00 Playtime
3:00- Down for afternoon nap (your brother used to take a nap around this same time. He's not doing that anymore though)
4:30 up from nap and small snack
4:30- 5:30 playtime
6:00 - Daddy's home! Dinner time- 1 stage 3 baby food with a side of rice cereal for you!
7:00- Bath and last 7 oz bottle
7:30 Bedtime
I am really enjoying having a little girl so much for reasons just like the pic below. Just check out one of your new bows...how cute is that? A sweet little butterfly! Is it a bad thing that you have over 35 bows?


Melissa Echols said...

She is so cute! The Raz pacifiers are so great! Janelle got one for Clara last week, and she has loved it! Her's is a blueberry instead of a raspberry though!

John and Elizabeth Fowler said...

i cannot believe how big she is getting and it's only been 3 weeks since i've seen y'all. she is absolutely adorable and i have to say thank you for the tip about the raz...karrigan LOVES it!

Mizerany Family said...

What a sweetie pie! I love that eye photo...pretty indeed!