Monday, May 11, 2009

A few good causes...

We've been part of two great causes for children in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago we attended "Fuller's Festival" here in Tuscaloosa. It was a benefit for a local boy who is around 5 that has been battling leukemia for the last two years. Tons of people offered help to the family, and they decided they wanted to hold a fundraiser for Children's Hospital in Fuller's name. So close to 80 friends started planning the festival over a year ago. They raised a ton of money, and it was great fun for all the kids. Anderson had a blast!

He especially loved the Pirate Ship ride. At first I thought it was a bit too old for him, but after listening to him insist on riding it I decided I would let him. I want to encourage his brave little spirit when it comes to things like that. As soon as we got on it, he told the boy to his left- "This is gonna be SOOOOO much fun!" Little Fuller is sitting directly behind us with his name on his shirt.

Our friends the Mentels. Jaime has been attending the Esther Bible study I recently led. Her husband Charlesis an OB in my Dr.'s group and we honestly believe he could have saved Anderson's life when I was pregnant with him. I was on bedrest and admitted a couple of times for pre-term labor. Charles pulled the trigger on giving me stereroid shots for Anderson's lungs due to my complications. Sure enough he was 5 weeks early. We think those shots meant the difference between a healthy baby and a long stay in the NICU. Aren't their two little girls adorable?

Part Two: The following Friday Anderson's school held a Trike-a-thon to benefit St. Jude's Hospital. All the kids had to raise money and ride laps on their bikes. The parents decorate the bikes according to the theme- "It's all about Love", and all the kids got prizes. It was so fun for him! Even if he did REFUSE to use his pedals...
Mrs. Emily starting off the race

Anderson getting set

My sweet lil man

How cute is little Naia's bike?

This was princess Ella Gray- How girly!

I plopped Lydia in the baby buggy so she could ride too!

Scootin' along