Sunday, July 15, 2007

Changes in Latitude...

Well we headed south for another beach trip last week. My Dad and his wife, Martha, rented a beach house for the family for five days and we decided a free beach trip was definitley worth making time for! We had quite the houseful, but it was so much fun to get to see everyone and spend some nice relaxing time by the sea! It was me, Jeff and Anderson, My dad and Martha, Martha's daughter Erin and her son Cayden, her other daughter Shelley and her boyfriend Jarrod, My aunt Delane and her two kids, John and Walt...thank god for a five bedroom house! Ha!

The first night We just sort of hung out around the house. Jeff decided to treat us
all to a great shrimp boil. He really is a good cook! We went to the beach, but Anderson didn't really enjoy the sand too much this time around. This is our fourth
trip down this summer and he loved the beach all of the other times, but this time he decided the sand was "icky". He did really love playing with his cousins, John, Walt, and Cayden.

We shopped a little here and there...Anderson got his first pair of crocs. They are
so stinking small!! We got him a blue tie die pair that has neoprene to help them stay on tiny feet and of course a crimson pair!! They will look great with his bama jersey at tailgates this fall!
We ate at Lulu's for lunch one day and let Anderson watch the seagulls and boats go by. He was completely fascinated. He loves birds! Luckily, since Anderson wasn't exactly thrilled with the sand, we were able to go and visit my best friend Ashley
who was also down at the gulf on her family vacation to play in their pool! They stayed at the Caribe, which I have to say has the one of the coolest pools I have ever seen! The resort has 3 pools outside, a pool inside and a lazy river that you can float in intertubes around the resort. Pretty swanky! Anderson was glad to have
a little swim time...sand free! Ashley has a little girl Lily Kate (3) and a little boy, Will who is a month older than Anderson.

We had a great time, but are glad to be back home again!! Since we have been gone so much this summer, Jeff has issued an edict that we are not going out of town ever again...we'll see how long that lasts! ;-) I've posted some of my other favorite pics below...enjoy!