Monday, July 2, 2007

It was Ladies Night...

I had the pleasure of spending Saturday and Sunday in Birmingham with some old girlfriends from "back in the day"! :-) Jeff was kind enough to keep Anderson all day Saturday and that night and the next morning, so that I could catch up with some of my very favorite girlfriends! We all met at my friend Dee's house to kick off our evening. She was quite the hostess, providing strawberries and champagne along with a cheese and fruit platter! Yummy! We all enjoyed catching up on each others lives which are pretty diverse... we had a couple of moms, a couple of "marrieds," but no children yet... a couple of gals with very serious boyfriends and of course the fun single gals!! It's so fun to hear every one's stories!

From there we headed over to "26," a cool little trendy restaurant in southside for a delicious meal and more wine than I think any of us expected to drink! We had a great time at dinner laughing about the stupid stuff we all did at one point or another usually involving an equally stupid guy...By the time we left I think the waiters were pretty ready for us to take our giggle boxes and go away!

We headed down the street to a new hotspot "Twist and Shout"...It's a fun dueling piano bar. We danced and goofed off and spent too much money trying to get the guy to stop playing the Auburn and Tennessee fight songs! After that we weren't quite ready to go home, so what's a girl to do?? The double B! Also known as Bellbottoms! This is quite possibly the cheesiest bar/dance club you could ever imagine. In fact, it remains quite empty until after midnight...why, you ask...because no one is drunk enough to want to go there until after midnight! You usually get a mixture of bachelorette parties, people coming in after weddings, and girls like us that are having a fun night...but then you have the truly scary people. There were plenty of those there that night as well. People that are likely to conceive a child on the dance floor, for example. Inevitably there is always some big redneck fight and Saturday was no different. It was a great place to people watch...or do aerobics on the empty dance floor like Scarlotte and Jennifer!

Some time after 1:00 am we headed home...way past my bedtime, but it was so much fun to spend time with people you wish you got to spend more time with! On Sunday I actually slept until 8:30. It was so exciting to be able to sleep in. We had a little breakfast and then I was ready to head home to see Anderson! I enjoyed getting a break from mommyhood, but I sure did miss the little guy!