Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jennifer's Wedding is coming up soon!!

My middle sister Jennifer is getting married in about 6 weeks and the festivities are now upon us! We had a great around the house shower for Jennifer and her fiance Jeff in Homewood Saturday night.
This was their first party and they were very excited to get to see family and friends back in Alabama after moving to Tampa over a year ago.

Unfortunately my great aunt, Juanita, passed away and her funeral was on Wednesday. Both of my sisters came in for the funeral... Marcie from Nashville and Jennifer from Tampa. They along with my mom decided that little man needed to spend some time with them since everyone was staying at mom's house. Anderson has spent the night with mom a handful of times, but never for more than one night. Since I had agreed to help out my friend Casey by hosting a Castles and Crown's children's clothing show at my house on Thursday afternoon, we decided that if it was going to work we would have to do two nights. I was thankful for the break, but I missed him so much that I thought I might just go get him Thursday night! He had a blast with both of his doting aunts and his Gigi! Jennifer even rocked him to sleep one night! A habit that it took several nights of crying it out to break a few months ago!! Thanks Aunt Jenn!! Anyway, he had a great time and they enjoyed seeing him and I got to have a great show at my house without a baby underfoot. Jeff and I even snuck in dinner at Depalma's Thursday night!

Saturday was the party for Jenn and Jeff...yes it is weird that we both will be married to Jeff's...what is even more weird is that they are both attorneys! Nothing like a few lawyers in the family! HA! Anyway, we had a mexican theme and the food was catered from one of our favorites...Moe's!!
Yum Yum! They got to visit with some friends from college and law school and even some oldie but goodie friends from high school! The wedding will be here before we know it!!