Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th Of July!!!

We spent today relaxing by the pool and eating some yummy grilled food! Jeff let me sleep in this morning, and after I got up we just sort of piddled around the house until it was time for Anderson's morning nap. After he woke up we headed out to the pool. We love spending our summers at Northriver Yacht Club. It is a lovely area that includes a golf course and a couple of pools, gym, an art museum and a couple of restaurants. This is all surrounded by gorgeous homes and cliffs overlooking lake Tuscaloosa. I loved coming there as a teenager because it is so tucked away that you feel like you are on a vacation and not in Tuscaloosa anymore! I spent many a summer on the lake and swimming in that pool. It is kind of cool to be able to take my little boy there now! The main pool has a great view of Lake Tuscaloosa that you can sort of see in the picture of me holding Anderson. They have a baby pool that is just deep enough for him to be in with a float and he can still touch the bottom, so he just scoots all over the the place kind of like he is using his float as a walker.

After a nice afternoon at the pool we decided to have a little cook out. Our friends Jennifer and Matt came over with their little girl Giulianna (She and Anderson have an arranged marriage in their future!). Jeff just got his "Mack Daddy" new
stainless grill delivered, so he wanted to BBQ pretty much everything! We cooked new potatoes, corn, chicken, quail and sausage...all of this for only 4 adults! I think
we will all be taking our tums before bed tonight! I also included an action shot of Anderson walking. He is getting so big! He now prefers to walk rather than crawl.