Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun on the Quad...

We had a great time this weekend! I met my Mom in Birmingham Friday afternoon to hand over Anderson for the weekend. He was so excited to see his GiGi! They did lots of fun stuff like feeding the fish in the pond and riding Pop's golf cart all over the property! It was a nice break, but I was so ready to see his sweet smiling face this morning!!

While Mom had Anderson Jeff and I got some date time! Yeah!!!
We went out for a nice dinner Friday night and then to hear the Lava Lamps at Chuck's with our friends Jennifer and Matt! It has been a while since we were out past 11:00, but we had a great time! Jeff's friend Chris and his friend Clint flew in from Texas for the game and stayed at the house this weekend. Saturday morning me and the "boys" got up to watch Gameday broadcast from Tuscaloosa....and the curse lives on!
Everytime Corso and friends come to t-town we LOSE!!! I think next time we should only allow them to cover it using a simulcast from Auburn....

We headed out to the quad earlier than usual since we didn't have Anderson. We were able to walk a lot and do a lot of people watching which happens to be one of my favorite things to do!! It's a good thing we had fun on the quad because losing in overtime was anything but fun!