Sunday, September 30, 2007

Roll Tide Anyway....

If I were to blog about the actual logisitics of the game it would be way too depressing, so I'll just post pictures of the friends we had over! We cooked a big pot of Chili and another pot of Taco Soup and settled in with several friends to watch Alabama's lack of offense against FSU...I'm not bitter! ;-)

Anderson intently watching the game! He's such a fan...Just like Mommy and Daddy!

Our neighbors Rusty and Moira came over with their two children, Lily and Jack. They are big Ole Miss fans...we love them anyway!! :-)

Jeff, Judson, Dad and Martha

We finally gave Dad his Birthday gift! It is a ride along in a race car at Talledega with a professional driver. Happy Belated Dad!!

Lily and Anderson cheering on the Tide!!

Mommy still managed to squeak out a smile despite the dismal performance by our offense!

At this point in the evening, Anderson felt he could complete more passes than John Parker, so he headed off to try to rescue the tide. It's just too bad he couldn't make it in time!