Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Wedding

I meant to post this right after the other post from the rehearsal, but Anderson ended up with pink eye and a yucky cough, so I have been tending to him for the last several days...but without further delay, here are the pictures from my sister's wedding last Saturday. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. Thank goodness it was also much cooler than the 105 temps we were having a few weeks ago!

Anderson fell right before the ceremony and busted his lip.
I swear this kid is going to be my reason for having health insurance!! Anyway, luckily Jeff was able to catch the blood before he ruined his little outfit. After a minute or two he was doing fine and ready for his big walk down the aisle!

Unfortunately his walk the day of the wedding wasn't quite as adorable as the one the night before during the rehearsal. Then he actually blew a kiss and clapped for himself! This time there were people in the pews. Everyone thought that would scare him, but I know my child. He is no wallflower. My fear is what actually came to fruition. He started out wonderfully. He was so cute toddling down the aisle in his linen white out fit with his sweet little bare feet...and then he saw them...all of the people! So what does he do?? Try to talk to them of course...ALL of them. About halfway down he started trying to go down the aisles to say hello to all the guests. Of course everyone was laughing. Jeff finally came up behind him and put him back on a straight course down the aisle. Once he saw me and the fun set of stairs at the end of the aisle he was focused. The plan was to have the babysitter sit on a front pew and usher him out a side door once he completed his walk. Well he got there a little quicker than she could slide down the pew. Anderson was climbing those stairs and no one was going to stop him!! Luckily the groom bent down and picked him just in time to avoid a catastrophe. From there the babysitter took over and we were on with the ceremony.

It wouldn't have been my choice to use such a little one as a ring bearer, but it meant so much to my sister that we do it. She was adamant that she didn't care how bad he messed up. She wanted him to be a special part of her special day. In between lots of laughter I did tear up at the sight of my precious little boy taking all of those big boy steps down the aisle. What a day!!