Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Perfect Weekend...

I am almost certain that we are coming off one of those rare "perfect" weekends that you just happen upon once in a while! Our perfect weekend started on Friday afternoon. The Children's Hands on Museum (CHOM) had their annual football kickoff party with Big Al! Of course I had to get Anderson all dressed up in his cute football outfit to see Big Al! We met some friends there including David Barton and Giulianna. At first he was curious, but cautious! He wanted to see the gigantic elephant, but he wanted me to be holding him.
Then in an effort to let the photographer get a picture, I sat down with Anderson and Big Al. As soon as I got up to try to leave him for the picture he decided he was really not Ok with me leaving him there, even if I was less than a foot away!As you can see in this picture Anderson dug his fingernails into the ground in order to pull himself as far away as possible. After that we decided to hang out in the room, but at a healthy distance. We even got some pictures in front of the blow up fake Big Al as a practice run!
Slowly but surely Anderson warmed up to the big guy enough for us to get some decent pictures. Afterwards, I took him by Daddy's office for a surprise visit. As stressful as Jeff's job is, anytime Anderson and I pop in is a welcome break!Daddy got to take him around to all of the other secretaries and partners to show off his little man!

Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful fall morning. The weather is finally starting to turn cool in the mornings!!! We settled into our usual Saturday schedule of waffles and Sports Center. Later in the day the babysitter came to play with Anderson and Jeff and I headed out to tailgate and attend the game. While eating ribs on the quad we enjoyed watching Miss. State beat Auburn and Florida beat Tennessee. We were elated at our prospects of winning against Arkansas on a weekend where both Tennessee and Auburn lost SEC match ups!

The game was one of the best and scariest I have ever attended. By the time it was over I felt as if I had played to game myself!! There was a crazy electricity in the stadium. I feel like we are finally back!! If we can win against Georgia we should be ranked...what a great start to a season! After a close game we luckily pulled it out in the end, but not without a series of near heart-attacks on mine and Jeff's part! All I can say is I'm so proud of our guys for pulling out a 4th quarter win, and I would vote for McFadden for Heisman any day. He was nearly impossible to stop! What an athlete!

Sunday we woke up to gorgeous Fall weather and took Anderson for a nice walk around the neighborhood and then headed to church. A perfect weekend indeed!


Mizerany Family said...

Steve didn't attend the game, but he was pacing the floor, and cheering as if he was there. I can certainly attest to the good feeling the big win left him.