Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reception Pictures

The reception proved to be long, but fun! As soon as we arrived at the Wynfrey I began working on Jennifer's bustle. I think more curse words spewed from my mouth in that 15 minute period than in my whole life! It was a French Bustle with over 18 color coordinated ribbon ties. To top it off the seamstress' idea of "color coding" was to use cream and white! Not exactly easy to tell apart in a dim room!!

At least the wedding coordinator was able to secure a separate room for the wedding party to go to upon arrival to the hotel. We were able to kick our shoes off and eat food they had brought in from the reception room. Anderson decided to flirt with the flower girl during this time and I think in their own little language they made plans to meet up on the dance floor later!

The Coconut Cowboys, one of Jenn's favorite bands from college, were able to play at the reception. They truly were great. Anderson was the very first person on the dance floor. He was awed and amazed at the guitars and bright lights. He clapped and spun and was hilarious. Then Addie the flower girl made her move. She marched right up and grabbed both of his hands for a dance. Much to my surprise he was receptive. Jeff of course mentioned that he like his daddy knows a pretty girl when he sees one.

Anyway, we danced the night away and then sent Jeff and Jennifer off to Cabo amidst brightly lit sparklers. They enjoyed their day and as I heard today are enjoying their honeymoon. I knew she couldn't make it a week and a half without talking to me! :-)

Here are some random reception pics...