Monday, November 12, 2007

Ghouls and a new cousin!!

The annual Ghouls party was Friday night and the theme was disco! Ghouls is a group of guys who get together once in the summer and once in the fall for basically a big party. It is sort of a counterpart to the ladies Mardi Gras Clubs. Jeff has been a member for a while now and each fall we scramble around trying to find a costume! The Fall party is usually right before Halloween, but this year the guys couldn't quite get it together (sometimes happens when males are in charge of planning social events! LOL!) so it was a couple of weeks late!
Luckily, they chose a theme that made it super easy! DISCO...aka...Jeff's era!! He loves to remind me that as I was skating around at Super Skate in late elementary school/ early middle school to Bon Jovi he was out defending our country in the army!
HA! Sad, but true! We had a great time as usual. Check out our groovy costumes!!

Also this weekend I went to visit our newest cousin, baby Elliott. My second cousin Quinn and her husband Hunter welcomed another little girl on Friday morning. Big sister Avery is so excited about being a big girl now! Elliott Reece was born at 9:30 on November 9th weighing in at 8 lbs. 1 oz! Congrats Quinn and Hunter!