Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OK... NOT Yugoslavia!

Tuesday night was my turn to host for our bible study group. Since it is getting close to the holiday season we decided to take a break in between studies and have some fun social nights. Last week we had Thanksgiving Dinner at Laura's house, and let me just say some of us can REALLY cook! We stuffed ourselves silly. We like to think of it as a good warm-up session for Thanksgiving Day!Check out the adorable Turkey cookies!! So cute!!

Well last night we only had about 8 or so girls show up, so we ordered pizza and settled in for game night. Somehow (our conversation topics often change in the blink of an eye) we started talking about the song "Soulja boy." Dawn recently got married and told us that her nephews taught her how to do the dance that goes with the song during her reception...before you know guessed it...Dawn and Laura were teaching us all the dance in my kitchen. Anderson even let Dawn hold him while she did the dance. He especially loved the Superman part! Then we couldn't figure out what a particular lyric meant...something about "bathing apes", so we looked it up on and found out it is actually slang for a type of shoe....who knew? HA!! Well that internet stint led to a search on youtube for videos of other people doing the dance. Then we found that there is a Winnie the Pooh video version of the song....hysterical I tell you. At this point we were practically rolling in the floor laughing! Check it out here...

As if this was not fun enough...really we are pretty easy to entertain, huh?...we couldn't decide if we wanted to play a game or watch Dancing with the Stars and more importantly the "After the Final Rose" episode of the bachelor. We then decided to do both! Watch the shows and play Catch Phrase during the commercials...that was our plan! So...It was Kim's turn to describe her word for catch Phrase...the category was "Places". She got her item and quickly looked up with such confidence and blurted out..."OK...NOT Yugoslavia" and then just waited as if that clue alone really drove it home for any of us. We laughed so hard that we all had tears in our eyes. I mean seriously...Not Yugoslavia??? The word she was trying to get us to guess was Czech Republic! Wow!

I love these girls for nights like this (of which we have had too many to count). Sometimes we can get very serious and really dig deep into each others lives...and then there are nights where we learn a random dance in my living room! I am so thankful to have wonderful, Godly and FUNNY women in my life. What a blessing!