Friday, April 18, 2008

All things new...

I have two video clips of Anderson with some of his "new" preferences. One is of his new favorite phrase....we have graduated from the dramatic "OH NO!" to an even more dramatic "Oh Gosh!" Hilarious...I have no idea where he gets this stuff from.

The other clip is of him talking about his new favorite show. That's right...Jeff and I are in mourning. He has officially moved on from Curious George. From about 12 months until a month or so ago "Gorge" was the only guaranteed 30 minutes that I had uninterrupted. He would watch it wothout blinking...I swear the kid thought there was a quiz at the end or something. Now he has lost all interest and the replacement is....drumroll please...Little Eisnsteins. Jeff and I really don't like the show...these poor kids take off in their rocket to explore places like...The United Nations in New York City. Seriously people they are just that really necessary? And to add to the cheesy factor every episode's problem is solved somehow by music and features an instrument and famous classical composer. I am all about music education, but to be honest...I still prefer a monkey that gets himself into trouble all of the time...reminds me of a little monkey, er...I mean Boy...I know! Sorry it is sideways...I don't know how to rotate a video.


Leigh Collins said...

"Just keep patting!!! Pat-pat-pat!" Ha, just kidding! But I know what you mean and how you feel.