Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two Lydias and maybe even Two Andersons???

Ok, this is quite possibly the most strange, chill bumps up your spine, completely weird set of coincidences I have ever experienced or even heard of for that matter!

Jeff and I actually got the name Lydia from another blog...I 21st century of us! My friend Julie has a friend Chelsea who has another friend Cassie...and all of these blogs list links to one another, so I occasionally check these other blogs to see cute pics of their babies, etc...even though I don't really know them. Well almost a year ago I ran across Cassie's blog, which I found so interesting because they were an American couple living in Scotland (for work) and raising their daughter there. Her name is Lydia. I immediately filed the name away if we should have a girl. I even told Jeff about it and he agreed that he really like that name for a girl too. forward several months and ooops we were pregnant a little sooner than planned. So as talk came up about boy and girl names we both went back to Lydia as our top choice for a girl name.

Now...the night before the ultrasound I was so nervous...about the health of the baby, but also the fact that I was scared I might be disappointed if it wasn't a girl. I had all of the classic "girl" symptoms (craving sweets, bad nausea, etc...), but I was really thinking that a girl may not be in the cards for us. Now don't get me wrong I would have loved a baby boy as well, but I knew this is our last baby and another boy meant no girl...ever...and I was just not sure I was OK with that. That night I happened to blog jump and landed on Cassie's page again and noticed something I had never noticed before in her "about me" section. Her Lydia's birth date was August 8th...which is my due date! Not only a due date, but since we are doing a repeat c-section it is actually already scheduled for that day, so it will very likely be our Lydia's birth date as well. I told Jeff and we both were like....whoa...that's got to be a sign. The next day we found out we were having a girl!

I thought about contacting this far away friend-of-a-friend in Scotland to tell her about this, but just got busy and never did. Finally last week I did it. I decided that if someone saw Anderson's name and loved it that much I would want to know, so I commented on her blog to tell her the story. WELL...

...she emailed me back the next day to tell me that the coincidences don't stop there. She is pregnant again and guess what her boy name is....Anderson!! They don't do "gender" ultrasounds there so they aren't sure what they are having, but if it is a boy they like Anderson and Brayden. And hold on to your hats for one more twist, she is due June 25th. Our Anderson's birthday is June 22.

So we very well could have two Anderson's with the same birth date and two Lydia's with the same birth date...just an ocean away! How cool is that??


Joy said...

Really cool....chill bumps cool!
Lawson's MeMe

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Such a cool story!

Mizerany Family said...

Love the story...isn't blogging great?