Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Jeff!

Wow...crazy how time flies. We have been married 3 years today! It has been a BUSY three years. Let's see...I moved cities, changed jobs, we bought a new house together, got pregnant, had Anderson, quit my job to be a full time mommy, got pregnant again with Lydia (who is a little more than half-way done baking!). Whew...I'm tired!

To read more about our crazy (we met and were engaged in 6 weeks) love story you can click HERE !

Our wedding was even crazy! We managed to pull off the surprise of the century! We told everyone we were going to be married in Hawaii just the two of us on April 23rd. We planned a "Reception" party for April 2nd, with a fun band and lots of yummy food! After the party started Jeff made a toast and informed our guests that we had been lying all along! We were getting married that night and leaving for Hawaii the next day. No One knew, not our parents, not our one! It was great! We changed into the gown and tux we had snuck in earlier in the day (we also had a wedding cake brought in on the sly) and were married in the sweetest candlelit ceremony surrounded by all of our friends and family. The guests were completely shocked and it made for a festive and very romantic atmosphere. People still talk about that party! :-) Happy Anniversary Baby...I wouldn't take anything in this world for you!


Marty, Peyton & Lily Grace James said...

Happy Anniversary! The trip looks like so much fun!! I am so happy for the both of you!