Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

So file this one under I am "that" mom! Anderson's 2nd birthday is fast approaching and I have totally been in a nesting frenzy. This time around I am not just stressing over the nursery...I am stressing over everything...big boy bedding, landscaping and even the plans for Anderson's birthday party. When I was pregnant with him I was put on bedrest at week 29, just 3 short weeks from where I am with Lydia right now. My fear (however irrational it is) is that something will happen and Anderson will get a jipped for his birthday. Definitely NOT alright with me, especially considering that this will be his last as an only child...again...I know it's totally irrational!

So...when checking into renting a blow up bouncy house for his party we discovered that to rent one was the same price as buying one at Toy's R Us...so now I am "that" mom...you know the one that has now spoiled her son by buying him his very own industrial size bouncy house...seriously, it comes with it's own motor! Ha! They had a replacement plan for 15 months for only 20.00, and I know a friend who bought the same model and has used it for two years now without incident. It's a pretty durable toy! We have used it about 5 times in two weeks, so I think we will be getting our money's worth! When we get ready to deflate it we tell Anderson that "bouncy" that is what he calls it, is going nite-nite. He'll run over and kiss it nite-nite. The next morning before he is even lifted out of his crib he asks if "Bouncy" is awake...so adorable.

Last week we had Jennifer and Giulianna over to try it out. They are so cute together. Anderson's whole demeanor truly does change when she comes over. I think he has a little crush! The kids bounced themselves silly and both slept very soundly that night!!