Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random posts and pictures...

After brainstorming on how I could possibly relate the following pictures, but I am too sleep deprived to figure it out... so without further adieu, I bring you a post of complete randomness...

Pop and Meme (My Dad and Martha) came to visit on Saturday to help mommy out since Daddy was at work trying to catch up from two jury trials in the last month. Congrats Daddy for two big defense verdicts!! :-)

We had a bit of storm damage to our fence and playhouse a couple of weeks ago and with the threat of additional rains form the hurricanes lining up in the gulf, we decided to have a company come in and take care of some dead/ dying trees/limbs. This provided endless entertainment for a certain two year old boy...check out he last picture of him perched on our back step watching intently!

One Brave Dude!

See him way up at the top of that tree!!

My little man!

And a little video of baby sister's first time in the swing. I love how wide awake she is. Her little eyes are so busy taking everything in!


"Auntie M" said...

I CANNOT WAIT to see them this weekend :) We're still on for Sunday right? Lydia's first video...so adorable :)