Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating on Sorority Row

This past Tuesday we took our little Lion and Ladybug to Trick or Treat on Sorority Row. It was freezing, but a lot of fun! This week is also Homecoming at the Capstone so the lawn decorations were going up everywhere! Anderson still isn't "getting" the whole trick or treat process. Everytime they would give him candy in his bucket he would want to stop right there to eat it all before moving on. I kept saying...but look if we keep going we get even more candy...he just looked at me like- Is this a trick?? We saw several friends, but everything was so crowded we barely got to speak to anyone. We did manage to get a pic with "Giuli Donna" and "Ms. Jenifwer". Lydia was very warm in her fleece ladybug PJs and stayed all snuggled up in her stroller. I am not sure she even opened her eyes while we were there.

Check out Anderson's cutie patootie Halloween bucket! I bought these for $10.00 from a craft tent at the Pumpkin patch last weekend. Isn't it adorable...Lydia got one too!
And this side note...I struggled with whether or not to put this on here, but couldn't resist...While on the row we saw 2 10ish year old boys (way too old to be trick or treating in my opinion) dressed as...wait for it....are you sure you are ready to hear this...Chippendale STRIPPERS!! Black pants, bow ties, cumber buns and NO SHIRTS! I was in shock that a mother somewhere out there let that happen...I mean seriously?? I don't even think 10 year olds know who Chippendales are it was so long ago. All the sorority girls were like...ummmm....OK??? Awkward pause...well here's some candy.....Happy Halloween. Anyway...check out the pic lest you think I am kidding!!


The Echols said...

OMG!!! That is awful. Was their mother with them? I cannot believe this happened!!! On a happy note, your children look precious as always. Happy Halloween!

Kellie Patton said...

I so saw those 2 boys with my own little eyes and could not believe it!!!????