Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Festivities

We have been meeting with my Dad's side on Christmas Eve for longer than I have been alive, and this year was a fun one with lots of kids running around! My Dad and Martha hosted at their house in Moundville, and we all had a great time eating too much and watching the kids enjoy their presents. Lydia slept through all of that. Bless her's her very first Christmas and she just snoozed through the best part!

My Grandmother with Lydia

All the boys: Cayden, Walt, John and Anderson

My Dad and Martha got these horses for Cayden and Anderson. Lydia's is a sweet little grey elephant with pink ears. Since she slept through the gift opening, so I'll post a pic of her with it later.

Riding the gigantic stuffed horse AND drawing on the magna that is talent!

Pop and Lydia

A mixed marriage...

Hot Wheels...can you see the awe on his face?

Kids Table

My Aunt DeLane, Chris and Jeff