Friday, August 3, 2007

Anderson's One Year Portraits have arrived!

We took Anderson to get his one year old pictures made a few weeks ago and were so pleased at how they turned out! It was really hard to pick just one for his portrait to go in our dining room, but we managed to do it. It is the one pictured above. He just has the sweetest expression on his face! Our good friend Crosby Thomley met us at the Chancellor's Mansion early one morning to get these shots. Anderson did not seem to want to cooperate, which made me a little concerned that we wouldn't get any good pictures to choose from.
However, Crosby worked his magic and got some great shots including one of Anderson looking at him over his shoulder with a look of "Hey dude...stop chasing me with that camera. Can't you see I'm busy playing... aka... climbing an iron bench so that I can scare my parents to death and possibly bust my head open! I think that shot turned out to be everyone's favorite!!

Here are a few more of our favorites...