Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to the land of the living...

I have finally (knock on wood) kicked the nasty virus I came down with last week and am feeling somewhat back to normal. It has been a very rough time in the Smith household!!! Jeff came down with a bug Monday and was in bed for two days. If you know my husband, you know how rare it is for him to sit still for 5 seconds, much less be in the bed for 2 days! Tuesday night Anderson seemed to have caught it. He threw up in his crib in the middle of the night. He has only thrown up once before in his whole little life! However, after that small episode he seemed fine and never showed another sign of being sick. Since both of my men had gotten sick I knew I was in for it too. I sort of ran around cleaning the house, doing the laundry, going to the store, etc... before I came down with it and we were all homebound.

Lo and behold Thursday morning I woke up feeling horrible and weak and sick to my tummy. Luckily Jeff had mostly recovered by that point and he was able to come home early and take care of Anderson. Being away from family that can help during these mini-crisis is so hard. I would have given a million dollars if my mom lived down the street! I stayed in bed Thursday and Friday and Saturday. Each day it seemed I felt worse. I couldn't keep anything down including liquids and was so weak, dehydrated and miserable!

Saturday night at about 3:30 am after too many trips to the bathroom to count I had to wake Jeff up because I was getting dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out....and then I did. He called an ambulance because I had no color. He said my lips were pasty white and turning blue. While he was waiting on the ambulance, we both were trying to figure out what to do with Anderson, although I am pretty sure Jeff's thoughts were much more lucid! After a few quick calls (unsuccessful) to some trusted friends who live nearby we decided that Anderson was going with us and called my mom to meet us at the hospital as soon as she could. She lives an hour and a half away so this was not ideal, but one friend we called ended up being out of town and the other had only a cell phone and didn't hear what do you do?

Anyway, the paramedics arrived and immediately started an IV before even trying to move me downstairs and into the ambulance. My blood pressure was 80 over 60...dangerously low and I was sort of floating in and out of consciousness. I am certain our neighbors were completely freaked out because not only the ambulance showed up...we also had 2 full size fire trucks in our quiet little culdesac at 4:00 am. Jeff followed the ambulance in our car with a very sleepy Anderson in tow. Once at the hospital, they administered two more bags of fluid and I started to feel human again! After a long day at the hospital I expected to go home and be cured....WRONG! We went home and the dehydration was gone, but the bug was still going strong for three more days. I can't remember the last time I was "in the bed" sick for a full week. Luckily Mom was able to keep Anderson until Monday and Miss Susie came Tuesday and he went to school today. I am finally able to keep food down as of this morning! Yeah!! So that gets me caught up. I promise to post more blogs soon, but right now I am trying to still take it easy!