Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Never say Never!

One thing that this past year of motherhood has taught me is to never say never! As in..."I will NEVER let my child have a cheesy elmo anything. He will play with cool learning toys from vtech and lamaze". Well that all went to He** in a handbasket when Anderson decided he LOVED Elmo. I don't mean he likes him a little bit... He completely lights up at the sight of him whether it be on tv, a toy or furniture. Elmo is his new buddy! When your child has that kind of reaction to something all "rules" go out the window. We now have a Elmo chair that giggles and shakes when you sit in it, as well as an Elmo toothbrush and several Elmo books, DVD's and random other toys. Again...never say never!

I also remember a few years ago when my aunt's boys were small and she bought them a
ball pit. Never...I thought...would I surrender my living room to such a huge toy! Well, if you saw Anderson's birthday party pics...you know that we caved on that one too! Never say Never!!

I also thought I would be able to put a couple of wicker baskets of toys in the living room for storage. I would never devote an entire room to one child's play toys...what a waste of space! Ha!! A few weeks ago we bit the bullet and turned a guest room upstairs into...you guessed it...a playroom. Out went the bedroom suit and in came a comfy couch and a ton of toys...And yes all of those toys are for one child! Never say Never!!