Friday, August 17, 2007

Whew! What a week!.....(from Anderson's point of view)

Let me tell you a Story....

Wow, what a fun week I had this week. Mommy and Daddy didn't seem to have too much fun though, Daddy says this was the week from Hell...whatever that is?

Mommy went to some place called Tampa for some big party for Aunt Jenn...Daddy says that Mommy went away to stay up way past her bedtime with some other girls to drink "ikkie" juice and dance to really loud music and giggle alot. I don't know why she could'nt do that here with me and my Elmo chair? It makes me giggle and I we have juice here too....Daddy says she also went to do other stuff girls do before they get married.....I guess he will tell me later.

Daddy and I went to see Nana and Pop in Tennessee for Pop's 72nd birthday. It was fun, I played with my cousin Anna...she is really old. Daddy says she is in Jr. High School now, she is taller than Mommy. The best part was when we got to eat cake and strawberries! I made everyone laugh by telling stories.....I talked and talked while they ate, but I don't think they understood me. So, I decided it would be fun to put green beans on my head! That killed them, boy do I know how to work a room! It must not take much to make some people laugh. Then, I got to take a bath in a huge bathtub that was almost over my head it was so was Cool!

The weekend was great, but that's when Daddy started to not having fun anymore. On the way to our house his car stopped going in someplace called Huntsville, it is a really long way from our house....He tried to get the car to work by opening lots of little doors and still would not go. He said it was a dead as a pile of poo poo and he said some other words he told me not to say......It was really hot too, the numbers on the inside of our car had three numbers....but I can't read was really really hot though. Daddy sweated alot and his head was really red. I think that was from the heat, but it could have been from yelling at the car.... I had fun sitting in my stroller in the shade and drinking juice. I saw lots of cool cars go by and I watched birds, I like birds alot. Daddy just sweated alot and talked to the car from time to time...his head gets shiny when he sweats alot because he doesn't have hair on top. He said lots of words to the car...some that started with God... and some other words I didn't understand. He felt bad for saying those words and told me never to say them...
It took a really really long time, but a big hairy man came with a really big red truck gave our dead car a piggy back ride to some place where they make cars go again. He was a nice man, his shirt was dirty and he smelled funny. Daddy said he smelled like whiskey...., whatever that is...? Daddy gave him alot of the little green paper we use to get stuff at the store. Daddy said they were playing "stick up" and it was our turn to get the "stick up". He said the stick went someplace I did'nt understand... When the nice man took the truck away....Daddy said that he would have to sell the farm to get our car back....but I don't think we have a farm, so I did'nt understand that part either?...
We got to go walk to a gas station to cool off and wait for Pop to get us. I had a really big Stinky Stinky diaper...I got to even wear new clothes, then I did it again before we even left the gas station and got to change clothes again....Daddy's head got red again. He was tired.....Then Pop came in his truck and took us to a place where airplanes live and we borrowed a car from someone there...Daddy says it was the next to last car they had to let anyone borrow in the whole place...Daddy was happy to borrow this car he said the car they gave us must have been made of gold...I think he had to give them alot of that stuff to borrow the car, I did'nt understand because the car was not really Gold, it was actually kind of purple and really small...... I was really hot and tired so I yelled alot on the way home, I figured if it worked for Daddy while he was working on the car...maybe it would work for worked! Daddy gave me some Cinnamon Gold Fish and juice. I slept the rest of the way home. Mommy came home I was glad to see her, I'll bet she is sad she missed my fun trip with Daddy.

Then the week got even worse....Daddy went straight to work the next day.....he was still mad at the car from the day before and said he wished it would go live with someone else. On Tuesday I had my first day of all day school, I am such a big boy now..It made Mommy sad....I did'nt like all day school much, even though I only do that once a week. I missed my mommy and wanted to stay home and play. I did get a cool monkey backpack though.
Then Daddy got really sick. He was in the big bed for the whole day and nightime. Mommy had to do everything for him. He even went to the Dr., I think he got a shot...I hate those. Then Mommy got really sick. They both stayed home with me for two whole days.They were not much fun though. When he felt better a day later Daddy had to go all the way to that Huntsville place and give back the car he borrowed...he said they wanted more gold because he did'nt bring it back like he promised because he was sick.Daddy says you should always keep your promises...I think Daddy was mad again...he mumbled to himself alot that day. He came home in our old car again, so I guess it works now. ....Daddy said it was a long trip, and he said they played the "stick up" game again. I don't think he likes that game..He said he got the "stick" part again when he got our car back....I was glad he was home...
Then today (friday) Mommy got really really sick again and I went to work with Daddy. He got me some more Teddy Grahams and we ate them at his room where works. He was on the phone alot and was reading some books that did'nt have pictures...he looked like he was not having fun, I watched movies, but got bored so I yelled some so he would play with me....when he stopped playing with me I would pull some papers and stuff off his desk onto the floor. I think that is funny...I don't think daddy likes it when I do that, but I can't tell...he says stuff to himself, sometimes his head gets red, then he laughs at me. He thinks I am funny.

Well, mommy is still in a really long nap time in the big bed, so I am doing this for her. She has been there all day and night, I hope she feels better soon. Daddy does'nt give her Teddy Grahams, she eats little square crackers and Sprite and that's all. I miss playing with her and hugging her. She does'nt want me to get sick though. I had lots of fun this week, I wonder what we will do next week that will be even more fun???