Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well, Saturday night we headed out to the annual Brookwood Rodeo. Jeff is the town of Brookwood's attorney, so he needed to make an appearance. We decided that it might be something fun to take Anderson to since he LOVES animals. It was past his bedtime (the rodeo started at 8:00 and Anderson's bedtime is 7:30), but we promised ourselves a long time ago that we wouldn't become a slave to a schedule. We try to stick to it, but if a special occasion arises we bend the rules a bit! My 7 year old nephew, Walt, spent the night with us and was definitely up for the adventure!

I, being a complete city girl, have never actually attended a rodeo. Much to my surprise it was very entertaining. The skill that these cowboys and cowgirls displayed while roping calves was amazing! Walt and I especially loved the bull riders. That takes some serious skill not to mention bravery. Anything where it is an accomplishment to do it for only 8 seconds has got to be tough! Walt and I were on the front row when one particular bull got so mad that he charged the gate right in front of us...I'm talking about 5 feet in front of us! We were so close he even slung mud all over us with his kicking and thrashing. What a thrill!

Anderson loved petting the horses, watching the mechanical bull and roaming freely through the huge pasture. He is so independent now and loves to be down walking or running whenever possible! He walked right up to the cows and declared as plain as day... "COW...moooo". It was so cute. I am glad he got to see some of these animals for real instead of just in books and on flashcards!


Peyton & Marty James said...

Wow, it really is a small world. I love your blog and I am so excited to have another one to look at! I am so glad I came to talk to you at the mall and glad that you found me on here. Your little boy is just precious. We will have to keep in touch now! Have a great day, Peyton